Easter Glow

IMG_4158 (1)Easter glows at crosswalks and CVS

while peeking through cellophaned baskets I see

foil covered chocolates

that melted too soon in the almost summer sun.

on hot pavement.

Helicopter leaves-pinwheel trees

with blossoms of yellow paper confetti.

Dandelion nettles floating on warm breeze.

On the park bench I sat with tights that never fit

quite right around chubby thighs

-legs sticking out like pins in a cushion.

With folds of scratchy yellow lace about as I sweat

kicking the bare dirt and hyacinths

with the tips of my scratched white Buster Browns.

Crescent smile

yellow purse suspended

Jeweled sun-tears as I wait

photo snaps



Word to Page

From word to page is a lovely thing

and I seek its solace in a day and an hourIMG_4132

of turning heart into thought and word into phrase.

It’s never stopped following me like a lonely child.

Waking me mid night.

A candle burning inside

gently but urgent.

Thoughts large

and words too small

just yet for page.

Half cast shadows where

images quickly form.

Must capture before sun singes,

letters freeze, and words rust.