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Peering out on 8 year old legs

I see tall mint stacks and tomato vine shake

a trouser covered leg jiggled

revealing my Jidi.

Clanging of cane and old stiff leg upon glass door

Oyster shell hands gripping a smooth red pearl

“No one can grow them better than that”,  he said.


Smelling of mint, earth and whte undershirt,

Sweat coating nubby whiskers-

brown soft boyish eyes marooned on an island of wrinkles

and permanent woe.

No pause, shuffling past.

Rolling the bounty onto newspaper covered table,

derby hat perched, pipe falling out of mouth

he quickly catches-tobacco spilling.


There on the center of the table

-the tomato like an offering to God

pointing cane toward the plates and knives.


“Slice it-sit and eat”

he sat watching me by the  colored

turnip jars

waiting-smoke circling head.


The sun narrowed through the door as I sliced-

juices and seeds streamed down

pooling, soaking paper.


Pulp firm and intact,

I breathed in the sugar and fresh earth.


Biting into its flesh as it dribbled down my chin,

breathing in the summer it spent on the vine.

My skin becomes its skin, tingling and sated.


I see his face enshrouded by smoke swirls

and moted sunlight-hardened frame softening

he shifts in his seat-satisfied.


*Jidi mFullSizeRender (11)eans grandfather in Lebanese


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