January Walk

Yellow forsythia fortells spring’s secrets

in its canary branches reaching out through green

December holly.

Winter armaments seal in their promise.

Birds take quick flight-then bristle and furrow

in their web of hope, while spots of florescence peek through

finding the gradient of light pleasing.

Furtive chirping from high branches avove

echo the dep hollow from ground nesters.

Crow complains from a rooftop

while wilted winter pansies drop

their black blotchy cheeks

from inside yellow bowls.

Woodpeckers deep drilling

sound like my cold bones-hollow

creaking, stiff in the frigid damp air.

I taste a tinge of mossy dirt while

treading on padded grasses.

Thrump of heartbeat-

as my shadow sways forward and back

like the new grass fronds reaching

up toward sunlight.