Finding sea glass

fullsizerender-14Lifted by ocean wave they slammed against rock

until crushed and scattered.

Tossed and churned out of control-

edges melt into powdery, mottled, sculpted forms

reflecting a subtle softer light.

Cloudiness changed

from dull grey to cobalt blue, sea foam white.


My edges, once sharp and eagerimg_5708-2

are now softened and tempered.

becoming pumiced and pitted

with each approaching wave.

Shuffling along with millenniums of

quartz, granite, and basalt through

high and low tide.

By the wink of moonlight

traveling dark waters bravely till



It must be the reason I gather them season upon season,

trying to find all the fragments

that have found the shore once more

as the ocean’s muddy fingers toss them back upon the sand.

I gather them in baskets so that I can remember.




IMG_5342Muddy fingers of wave grasp

then recede, walled in

by thick curled lip of sand.

I walk the foam edge,

as sun capes my shoulders

into heady ocean mist and

seaweed anklets.

Drawn to the tension of

caving sand

as it releases into wide ocean eternity


like distant sky

or pelican peering into peaks

of glassy wave,

its prey finite

like sand in an hourglass

or shells in the palm of my hand.

stagnant, salt tinged.

I cast the sweaty treasures

upon the sand

to rinse in watery color

where they melt into the sea.

Life teems below where

bubbles form over tiny holes

with the brush of wave never ceasing.

Wind driven foamy spray

spewing out ocean gutters

like rain.


I run fast and hard on the grainy surface

quickly to make an impression

an imprint of foot,

tasting ocean brine and salty wave-

to outrun where sand meets foam.

heart thumping louder

than wave and collapse into the

changing tide.


The grip of wave loosens

and my fingers cast

sweaty treasures upon

the sand

to rinse in watery color

where they melt into the sea.